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Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Important Announcement
To all Geocachers:
I have been working with Bucky & McGee, Just Hike, RSTarT and Matt O'Halloran to try and get geocaching back on State Trust Land.
Great news!!  With the help from Senator Steve Smith the new head of the Land Department, Lisa Atkins, the policy of not letting us place caches on STL has been reversed and we are allowed back on STL!!
A press release announcing this is scheduled for tomorrow, Tues Feb 2, 2016.
Please thank the new Commissioner (Lisa Atkins) Senator Steve Smith and Governor Doug Ducey with an e-mail if you could.  A good response will show them we appreciate what they have done.
The Commissioner made the announcement at the Yuma Mega Event yesterday IN PERSON - showing her support for us.
We have discussed doing CITO Events on STL to help them and they are extremely interested so if you see an area that may need our attention we can set something up and show them we care also.
Another good thing is the STL Permits will be available online at their website, we can download the permit immediately.  
I know I have not renewed my permit since they banned us and I am sure many others did the same but now we need to again show our appreciation by getting permits.
If you have any questions please contact me.
Mel Hockwitt (Carmel)                            
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