[Az-Geocaching] Driving on the backroads

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Author: AJ George
To: AZ Geocaching
Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Driving on the backroads
My caching vehicle is a stock 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab, 2WD 17" rims.
My driving on the local dirt & gravel roads in this area is fairly limited.
I have been able to get to the fire tower at T824 Horsethief Lookout cache
via Crown King Rd. I also did a little driving on W Table Mesa Rd, west of
I-17. I was able to make it to the arm of Lake Pleasant just below "Wild
Burro" cache at Cow Creek Rd. There was an elevation change in the road I
knew I could not go up at that point.

There are some other backroads I would like to take. But I am unsure if the
truck and my lack of experience driving on these backroads can make the
trip. I don't want to plan a full day outing only to have to turn back at
some point.

One of the trips is caching along Castle Hot Springs Road. I basically
envision starting off near Lake Pleasant and then heading north and looping
around coming out near 74 & 60.

Another is taking Table Mesa Rd from I-17 and going east to T824 Table Mesa
cache. Then continuing on to Seven Springs Rd and Cave Creek Rd.

For those of you that have traveled those roads, are there any big dips,
drops, washouts, etc that would keep me from completing these? Other than
the obvious "don't do it after it has rained" and "take a lot of water", do
y'all have any suggestions or comments?

AJ George II aka G-Squad
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