[Az-Geocaching] Required permits in AZ

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Author: AJ George
To: AZ Geocaching
Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Required permits in AZ
We recently returned to the Phoenix area after leaving in 2005. The only
required permit I was aware of was for State Trust Land. However, I
recently read a cache log or description and it referenced a Tonto Pass.
What is that and where would I get one? I am assuming it is probably
another required permit?

I eventually plan on getting out to Bulldog Canyon and getting "Geocache".
I know a permit is required for access there. I know it is a limited
time-frame permit.

So if I am going to geocache in AZ, what federal/local permits do I need?
Do all geocache descriptions state whether a certain permit is required? Or
is that a crapshoot?

AJ George II aka G-Squad
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