Re: [Az-Geocaching] Are people still caching?

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Author: Team Tierra Buena
To: listserv
Subject: Re: [Az-Geocaching] Are people still caching?
We're still caching, and we're still enjoying it as much as ever, even
after ten years. But we've become much more selective about the kinds of
caches we go after. I don't think it's dying, I think it's just become
fragmented in a number of ways: geographically, for one, how the caching
communities communicate internally and externally is another, and perhaps
most significantly, there is fragmentation in terms of what cachers see as
their goals. For many, it's become a numbers game, and I think it's a
tribute to geocaching that it's been able to adapt to accommodate that. And
all the other ways to play that have evolved over the years. For us,
though, it's still and always has been about location. We want to cache
someplace that's beautiful or interesting or unusual, and we don't want
finding the cache to be a vision test when we get there, because our aging
eyes will most likely flunk that test and spoil the fun.

Brian, I can also agree with you from experience that trying (or being
forced) to take geocaching from the world of recreation to the world of
business and lawyers will definitely, as you put it, suck the joy out of
it. Someone in one of these recent posts mentioned Halloween Radioactive...
I almost became physically ill seeing those two words in print again. Those
were the years when caching took over our lives, while at the same time we
did next to no caching.

Just Hike once referred to us as "old school cachers", and we took that
title with pride. We can't wait until next weekend so we can go out caching
again -- our way.

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 3:40 PM, Brian Cluff|Geocaching-AZ/Sneak1.0 Allow|
<> wrote:

> I personally haven't been out in quite a while. The cachers that I run
> into all tell me that they aren't looking for caches anymore, though some
> say they still go to some of the get together events to hang out with
> friends.
> I know for me the joy was sucked out of it when the lawyers for
> contacted us to tell us to take down functionality that we
> had created and they had copied.
> This discussion list has also died. It used to get a couple dozen
> messages a day in its heyday, now we get about a message a month.
> Are people still caching? It seems like it became a dying/dead fad from
> where I sit.
> Brian Cluff
> Team Snaptek
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