[Az-Geocaching] Are people still caching?

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Author: Brian Cluff
To: azgeocaching
Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Are people still caching?
I personally haven't been out in quite a while. The cachers that I run
into all tell me that they aren't looking for caches anymore, though
some say they still go to some of the get together events to hang out
with friends.

I know for me the joy was sucked out of it when the lawyers for
geocaching.com contacted us to tell us to take down functionality that
we had created and they had copied.

This discussion list has also died. It used to get a couple dozen
messages a day in its heyday, now we get about a message a month.

Are people still caching? It seems like it became a dying/dead fad from
where I sit.

Brian Cluff
Team Snaptek
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