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Join over 400 other Arizona geocachers on our mailing list dedicated to sport of Geocaching in Arizona. It's free, (including ad free.. we hate spam) and a great place to discuss behind the scenes finds, geocacher get togethers, tips and tricks, make friends with people that have a similar interest or whatever else you like might have to do with geocaching.
"I never thought I would spend my free time driving around looking for dollar store items hidden on top of mountains under a bunch of rocks."
-Denny Ford of Tres Hombres
"In time, all caches will devolve and entropy will be achieved"
-Steve Gross of Team Tierra Buena


What: A Camp-Out Event for the purpose of getting to know fellow cachers. We will serve dinner on Saturday. (NOTE: WE WILL NOT BE SERVING BREAKFAST ON SUNDAY.) There are over 100 existing caches within a 15 miles radius of the event. We will be hiding several new caches in the area. There are limitless hiking possibilites.

When: This event cache will begin on Friday, March 20th and continue through Sunday, March 22nd. If you can't stay for the whole three days, that's fine. In fact, if you can only attend for a few hours, that's fine too. Just drop by and chat for awhile.

Who: Anyone and everone of all ages is welcome to attend, whether you are a seasoned veteran cacher, a newbie cacher or just someone who is interested in geocaching.

Where: The location is in the desert southeast of the town of Florence, nestled among the Middle mountains. We chose this location to be equidistant from Phoenix and Tucson. We welcome cachers from anywhere, so no matter where you live, you're invited.

Why: Because we can! . We love to camp out and know that many others do too and because last year's event was such a huge success.

Please see the event page for further details.  Or see the page on event cache page on


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Mr. Tata Head's Adventures

(Click on pictures to view full size)

Mr. Tata being extricated from his cold dark prison.



The first thing he wants to do is get some awesome chow at Arizona's
first In-N-Out Burger.



Mr. Tata smiles big, his first meal of the new millennium.



Mr. Tata posing in a scraggly tree near the Box Canyon Geocache.


Mr. Tata Making sure his new diggs are up to par.




Mr. Tata Original Instruction Card
Started on his journey by: GCB0B

Seems Mr. Tata was extricated from his most recent geocache and is on
the move.

SenorFrisk and Christy picked him up on

Where abouts are currently unknown, we have not received any updates.

Update 8-8-2006
 Mr. Tata was MIA for 5 years.  Having been shanghaied into a unknown fast food freezer
he has finally been released from his prison.

'The Man' has stripped him of his identity! He is now known by:

'I Yam What I Yam'
Travel Bug: TB15CPN

We all know Mr. Tata is a SPUD through and through and not a yam.
Fight the MAN!

(the adventure continues.... follow his current exploits by clicking his link above)
Welcome to the new

This is, I believe, the third time I've had the honor to announce a complete overhaul of this site.

You may have noticed for the last couple of months that the site has been broken. Previous to that the website itself was not updated very often..

We'll, we had a forced move from our old server hosting facility, and when it came time to move the website to it's new home, we decided that it was time for a fresh start... and you're looking at it. This new site should allow us to better serve the Arizona Geocaching community.

This is a work in progress, so there is still a lot of content missing from the site that will still be moved over. Unfortunately, as of right now, the stats are not planned to be one of the features that gets moved over. There is just too much work, and 10 times as many hoops involved to keep them anywhere near reasonably to date, and offers no support what so ever in making it easy for sites like ours to offer services that they aren't prepared to offer themselves based on the data that we collectively put in there.

We appreciate all the time and effort everyone puts in to geocaching in Arizona. We would quite literally not be able to cache in Arizona without the people that this site brought together, and we hope to help as much as we can in the future.

Team Snaptek
This is the cheapest GPS I have seen.
Found this article
Team Nine Lives reported on the list that Continental airlines is now allowing the use of GPS onboard airplanes above 10,000 feet.
Cachers are trying to organize a CITO event for the following:

WHO: Volunteers Needed
What: Town Lake Volunteer Green-up Clean-up Day
When: Saturday, April 26, 2008 from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Where: Indian Bend Wash Habitat, SE corner of Curry & Miller Roads

SIGN-UP: Call (480) 350-8625

In coordination with Earth Day the Tempe Town Lake team is planning a Clean-up Day for Saturday, April 26, 2008. This is an annual event where we ask volunteers to help us spruce up a special area around the lake. We need volunteers to help pick-up litter, weed, sweep, rake, and generally spruce up Indian Bend Wash Habitat on the north east end of the lake habitat.

After you sign-up, meet us at the Indian Bend Wash Habitat on April 26th where you will be given a specific area assignment. All equipment needed to clean the habitat will be provided to participants but we ask you to please bring a pair of garden gloves, sunscreen, and water.

A bar-b-que hotdog lunch will be served after the clean-up with a raffle for fun prizes. For questions about the event call Diane at (480) 858-2188.

April 22 is Cache In Trash Out Day! So... let's celebrate with another CITO event! Saturday, April 22nd is the date; 8:30am - 10:45am is the time. Plan on joining your fellow geocachers to pitch in and clean up the Beeline! The more people we have attend the more we will get done so come on out out!

I am sure you have seen this from the Geocaching website...

(Every April, geocachers around the world get together and clean up their local parks. It's just one way we can contribute to the maintenance of our outdoor spaces and to say "thanks" to the land managers that help to make our parks a great place for geocaching. Learn about how you can start your own CITO event, or just how you and your family can CITO every time you go geocaching. Visit for more information.)

let's have this briefing right at the coordinates like last time (N 33° 29.750 W 111° 48.280) The briefing will begin at 8:30am to get instructions, vests, and bags, snap a group photo, sign forms/log book, etc. We will then get started and work till about 10:45 am or so.

Join us in helping to make Tucson a cleaner and more beautiful location. Geocachers are adopting the Alamo Wash, at least a portion of it, and we plan to make it the cleanest wash in town.

Anyone who has been in the Tucson area to geocache knows the name of one of our lovely locals. The Woodcutter has spent many hours designing beautiful carvings that geocachers have gathered and collected over time.

A few of us remember when she first started bringing us to the Alamo wash with her caches and we have grown very fond of our dear friend. What better way to say thank you for all she has done for us then to adopt her favorite wash?

Tucson Clean and Beautiful is a nonprofit organization, conducts environmental volunteer programs in waste reduction and recycling, land stewardship, urban forestry, and beautification. As of this week, Geocachers have joined the force of the movement and we ask your help in keeping our city clean.

Our first cleanup day will be March 25th, 2006 and we ask for all the help we can get.

This CITO event will begin at 8am meeting at the parking lot on the SouthEast corner of Grant and Craycroft along the wash. N 32 15.018, W 110 52.352

We have some safety guidelines which will be covered at the meeting, so please try to arrive early so we can get started on time.