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-Denny Ford of Tres Hombres
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-Steve Gross of Team Tierra Buena

Join us in helping to make Tucson a cleaner and more beautiful location. Geocachers are adopting the Alamo Wash, at least a portion of it, and we plan to make it the cleanest wash in town.

Anyone who has been in the Tucson area to geocache knows the name of one of our lovely locals. The Woodcutter has spent many hours designing beautiful carvings that geocachers have gathered and collected over time.

A few of us remember when she first started bringing us to the Alamo wash with her caches and we have grown very fond of our dear friend. What better way to say thank you for all she has done for us then to adopt her favorite wash?

Tucson Clean and Beautiful is a nonprofit organization, conducts environmental volunteer programs in waste reduction and recycling, land stewardship, urban forestry, and beautification. As of this week, Geocachers have joined the force of the movement and we ask your help in keeping our city clean.

Our first cleanup day will be March 25th, 2006 and we ask for all the help we can get.

This CITO event will begin at 8am meeting at the parking lot on the SouthEast corner of Grant and Craycroft along the wash. N 32 15.018, W 110 52.352

We have some safety guidelines which will be covered at the meeting, so please try to arrive early so we can get started on time.

Did you know? History of the term Litterbug:

TODAY'S CITIZEN, as published in the Tucson Citizen on April 28, 1956. Annette Richards - Author Who Coined Word 'Litterbug' Is Tucsonan Annette Richards

By now everyone has heard the word litterbug and uses it with careless ease to describe someone who-thinkingly or not-dumps trash on the scenery. But when Annette H. Richards, now of Tucson, was casting about for such a word in 1952 to use in a magazine article about vandalism in our National Parks, there wasn't one.

How can we not adopt a local spot when a Tucsonan coined the phrase??? We will be cleaning the wash heading south and we are going to be maintaining the area from Grant to Speedway. We do not have to get the entire length in one run as we will start holding CITO events often and on a regular basis to allow everyone a chance to help with the effort. After three months the area will be evaluated and if we keep it clean and make a difference a plaque will be placed as well as a possible public ceremony to thank us for our efforts.

Enough Banter and chatter.. I have trash bags and some gloves will be available. I will provide a water cooler and look forward to meeting and greeting before and after this event.

We should even have a visit from a German geocacher as he comes to meet and greet with us...

So mark your calendars, March 25th 2006 - 8am until 11am Lets see how much we can get done on our first day and it will be easier each time after.

Thank you in advance for assisting and helping to show the community that Geocachers are doing our part.