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Author: Jason Poulter
To: listserv
Subject: [Az-Geocaching] volunteer opportunity
Here is a volunteer opportunity that some of you AZ Geocachers might be interested in.

Please contact them at the email below.


Patti Fenner<>

Hey, I have a proposition that I think might appeal to some geocachers-- I founded a new non-profit Friends of the Tonto National Forest organization. One of our projects is taking repeat photos of streamside vegetation at over 1000 points on the Tonto. And part of that is searching for the point, using the gps coordinates & maps that we provide, along with previous years' photos to match up. No dollar store prize, but imagine the satisfaction of discovering how much your site has changed in the last year. Some sites are hard to get to, some you can drive pretty darn close. Any way you could post a request to Arizona geocachers to see if they might be interested in volunteering? We have a couple training sessions coming up in mid-April that can tell people all about it - why we do it, how, where they are, etc. It's not really so unlike geocaching... If it makes it more fun, they can even hide something at the photopoint site. but I can't imagine more fun than seeing
in the natural landscape year to year. Some of our volunteers have been doing this for 25 years now.

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