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Author: Jason Poulter
To: listserv
Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Fwd: AzGeocaching: Need someone to place Travelling Hamster coins
This is an inquiry to all geocachers in her area. Please respond to her contact info below.


Jay West <>

Hi folks, I am not a Geocacher but am here in Mesa AZ visiting from Adelaide Australia. I am female, over 65, visiting
my mom. Not really a very intimating type. I just registered so I can contact a Geocacher. I have a friend who gave me
two Traveling Server Hamsters. I would like to contact someone in the East Mesa area that I can give these to Hamsters
to for placement. Unfortunately, left it a bit late, am leaving Sunday to go back. I have a mobile I am using -
650-646-8068. If you can assist would be great. We can meet at a shopping center. Many thanks Jay West

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