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Author: Alan Gage
To: az-geocaching
Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Need Assistance
Hello AZ Geocachers,

My name is Alan and I am new to the geocache world but I am sure that my
mother and aunt would love to join in as well. As it happens their
birthday is the 4th of March (yes the same day, no not twins) and I am
going to surprise them by flying in with my children that they havent seen
in 2 years. To give a little back story, I am Active Duty Air Force
stationed at McConnell AFB in Wichita KS and my Mom and Aunt were born and
raised in Phoenix, and I too was born and raised in PHX. This will be the
first time in a number of years that I have been able to see both of them
for their birthday in person and not via Skype from the other side of the
world. To the point, my mother especially loves puzzles and after
searching for my first few caches I just knew that I needed to introduce
her to it. So here is my idea and ultimately where I could use the help, I
would like to send both of them on a sort of geocache hunt that takes them
around the valley at spots that are reminders of their childhood/past.
Some of the stops could be previous houses, schools, and especially some of
the artwork that they have both been responsible for around the city. I am
currently working on a list of those locations. I just dont know if I
should try to find and use exsisting caches or if I should set up new
private caches with the help of some confederates that would all ultimately
culminate in leading them to a surprise party. I know that I dont have
alot of time but what I do have is a lot of love for both of these women
that were such a huge part of my love for the arts and ultimately for the
sense of adventure.

Please feel free to email me any ideas you might have or if you are
interested in helping possibly setting up new caches for this event.

Thank you again for your consideration,

Alan Gage
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