Re: [Az-Geocaching] Are people still caching?

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Author: Eric
To: az-geocaching
Subject: Re: [Az-Geocaching] Are people still caching?
On 12/4/2011 11:00 AM,
> Re: Are people still caching?

I, and the rest of team AZJAMMIN have slacked WAAAAAY off on
caching...mainly due to the price of gas....being busy with other
things...and also just don't make the time to do it like we used to.
There are plenty of caches around my house that I should be going out to
get... maybe laziness is a factor??? :) hmmmm not attending many
events cuts down on my caching too.. cuz I used to make it a habit to
cache to and from the events... and we actually miss the Halloween
Radioactive events... and we were sad that there was no AJACS Campout
event this year too.... another factor in not caching much...
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