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Author: Nicholas Wiesinger
To: geocaching
Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Geocaching Project Help
Hello Arizona Geocachers!

I’m Nic Wiesinger, my handle is PixieDoolittle, and I’m finishing up my MFA program at ASU in Intermedia Art.  I’ve been creating hand made boxes that I’m filling with activities, information, and historical narratives about the canal system that I am geocaching throughout the Central Valley.  I’ve created my own web site as well, that has additional history and info about water in the metro area.  I plan on launching the website and hiding about twenty geocaches early next week.  Be aware! 

I ask that you all participate as much as you wish with the project.  Sometimes it asks you to upload pictures to my website, and I hope you do.  Tell your friends about how cool the project is.  Add some SWAG, but please don’t take the handmade books that I made.  And get out and find these caches along the canals!

The whole point about my thesis is to get people back out to the water that flows all through the valley.  To learn, to see, and to do along the canals, which are the same things that I love the most about geocaching.

What I am asking from you, the Geocachers of central Arizona, are volunteers to be guides.  I will have a show at a gallery in about three weeks, and I am clustering the caches into groups that are near each other that can be found in a few hours.  I am anticipating many people who have never geocached before, and was hoping that I could encourage some veterans and geocacher aficionados to be guides on these small tours.

Please contact me if you are interested in helping me out with my project.  My phone number is 317-490-7346.  I would really appreciate any help that could be given.

Also, I wanted to invite everyone to my gallery opening.  I am organizing a three night water Forum titled “Talks on Water and Time” at the Harry Wood Gallery at ASU Tempe campus on November 15, 16, and 17th from 6:00-7:30 each night.  Historians, sustainability experts, landscape architects, and SRP water managers will talk about the past and future of water in the valley.

I really hope to see all of you at the events, hope you all go out and find these caches, and would really appreciate any assistance you can give.

Thanks so much!

Nic Wiesinger
MFA Candidate, Intermedia Art, SOA, HIDA, ASU
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