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Author: Jason
To: Mel Hockwitt (Carmel)
CC: R S, Wade, Scott Edwards, Mono Team 2002, Phil Hoffmann, Russ Fitzpatrick, Melissa Halpern, team2002, scottmindib, Pat, Cog&gil, douglaslynch, AZTech, tim.naylor, AZgeocaching, Roger Chamberlin, Drew Mauer, Cristina Gaff, Brad, ADB Arizona Desert Brew, Ed Evans, Robert Martin, Jeffrey Thompsen, katherine Manning
Subject: Re: [Az-Geocaching] New feature of Geocaching
FYI, based on what I have been reading in the forums about the debacle of
the challenges starting yesterday ... this one will soon be archived.

They MUST be location specific. "Take a picture in front of a flag" is too
general ... "Take a picture in front of the flag in Tucson located at XXX"
would be acceptable.

Only Groundspeak is supposed to be able to put out general world-wide ones
at this point.

Just a heads up to anyone that may be thinking of putting some of these out
there ... I for one and waiting until all the kinks to work out before
considering it.


> On Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 3:41 PM, MEL HOCKWITT <> wrote:
>> We now have Challenge caches to accept, we have issued a challenge in the
>> Tucson area to anyone that wants to find it. Will be interesting to see how
>> this plays out.
>> Have fun.
>> Stay safe and healthy,
>> Carolyn & Mel (Carmel)

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