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Author: AZTech
To: listserv
Subject: Re: [Az-Geocaching] Geocaching and State Trust Land
I agree on all points!

David - AZTech
On Aug 11, 2011 7:04 PM, "MEL HOCKWITT" <> wrote:
> Seems like you opened another can of worms - Tucson Mountain Park and now

State Trust Land. I think we are trying too hard to follow the letter and
not the intent. How many Trust Land Permits are issued to people just for
the purpose of Geocaching? I for one WILL NOT be removing my caches from
State Trust Land, don't think it matters in the big picture, if they have
known about it for 4 years they have not addressed it. I hope others feel
the same. This is a local issue and doesn't involve Groundspeak, we can
police our own and settle any matters. Sometimes it is best to leave well
enough alone.
> Interesting reply from Last_True_Viking - no caches in AZ but wants to

remove them.
> Mel (getting tired of all the BS)
> Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 15:07:13 -0700
> From:
> To:
> Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Geocaching and State Trust Land
> While
> trying to organize a CITO on State Trust Land, we were informed that
> Geocaching is NOT an authorized recreation on State Trust Land.
> I will be sending out as an email to some friends as well as archiving all

my caches on state land within the next two weeks.
> I was directed to re-read my application for permit:
> +++++++++++++++
> The Permittee shall not cause any refuse or allow any other foreign

objects to be deposited on State Trust Land.
> +++++++++++++++
> Geocaching
> is not allowed on State Trust Land. Anyone can call the State
> Environmental Resources & Trespass office @ 602 542-2119 and ask to
> speak with Jody Latimer, Bill Webster or Ken Lamb if they have
> questions.
> I was told by Ken that in 2007
> when he took over the web page there was no reference to Geocaching and
> never will be because it is covered in the application as leaving
> behind forien objects.
> He (Ken) also tells me they have tried to contact Groundspeak many times

but have not received a response.
> So. I am archiving my caches with a note and it will go from there,

however Groundspeak decides to act on it.
> I will be picking up my containers as I can and will remove any found logs

after the date of this posting.
> Hopefully Groundspeak can make out some sort of an arrangement with the
> State Land Office, but from the talking to I got, I doubt it will
> happen.
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