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I got interviewed over the phone a couple days ago about geocaching... Today I see my name in the paper attached to and article that is set to destroy the very sport that I have poured so much time into, both in participating in the actual sport and the creation of this website.

When I was being interviewed I was given the facts and at the time didn't know what to say. I didn't know anyone capable of doing anything more than cleaning up a cache site at the very most. It didn't even occur to me till I saw it in print that the accusations that were being made are completely unfounded. The blame is being pointed at geocaching because a cache was the first thing found after finding the "destruction". This is a completely unfounded and it is an unfair accusation. It is much like blaming the first person you see upon finding graffiti on your house that has had time to dry.

If you are here because you read the article in the Republic, I would like to challenge you to get to know the people on our mailing list. They represent about 1/3 of the total Arizona Geocaching community and roughly 95% of the most active geocachers.

You can also read through our mailing list archives and see that every one of the posters has a love for our land. They insist on having all the proper permits, and are quick to scold someone when they put a cache in a place that it should not be.

Last but not least, here is a link to a message posted by the possible owner of the cache in question mentioned in the newspaper.

Update: Here is a message from the last person to visit the cache before it disappeared.

Another Update: A message from a geocacher that visited the site after the cache was taken.