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For those of you that visited this page in the past you probably instantly noticed that we have a new fresh look. The really cool thing about the way we did our page is that if you don't like the way it looks you can click reload/refresh and get a different look. In the future we plan to have a way that you can set your favorite look and have it stay that way, but while we are working on the site we decided to just be cute for now and have it switch randomly.
If you are using a browser with complete PNG support, namely Mozilla or Netscape 6 you will get stuff more correctly like the logo on the top of this page. If you aren't you get a fuzzy looking logo that simulates, badly, the look you will get with the proper browser.
Also while we are switching the look and adding lots and lots of new features and stats, expect thing to now work for short periods of time. If you notice something that appears to be overlooked or have an idea for a new feature that you would like to see please email us at "geocaching at".