Parent Category: Snaptek's Caches

N33° 27.028 W111° 28.872 (WGS-84)
State: Arizona
Stashed on: 10/25/01
Team Members: Jason, Brian, Steve, Kyle, Justin

Difficulty: 2.0    Terrain: 1

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When members of Team snaptek get married, caches get hid.
This one is in celebration of Jason getting married on Saturday October 27, 2001.
This is a very easy cache that is in very close proximity to some good eatin'. We recommend going to this cache hungry!
This cache is on private land (Thank you Steve for letting us place it.) Please don't do anything that will make them regret letting us put it there.
The cache is in a small amo case and is well hidden do to the location of the cache site.

-Team Snaptek