Parent Category: Snaptek's Caches
N 33° 43.154 W 111° 30.535 (WGS-84)
State: Arizona
Stashed on: 1/21/01
Team Members: Jason, Brian, Barbara, Hans, Sylvie, Monica

Difficulty: 2    Terrain: 2.5

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We put this cache together in a hurry, we decided we would set one up while we went out shooting.
This one is called Dead Car because there is a dead vw bug trashed almost beyond recognition in a
stream bed near by. (N33 43.274 W111 30.323)  That is also where we went shooting.

The cache is pretty easy to find getting to it you might find a little tricky it is only about 0.11 miles
from the high way but there is really no place to stop there.  Just over the bridge there is a road to
turn on to get near the cache. (N33 43.837 W111 30.544)  If you want you could park here and hike
back along the road to the cache this would make your hike about a 1 mile.  Some people may need to
do this as the road that leads back near to the cache is kind of rough you need a high clearance 2 wheel
drive or 4x4, or some other off road vehicle.  From the dead car it is a quick easy .25 mile hike.

The cache is in an old christmas cookie tin box... surrounded by some rocks.

Have fun hunting for this cache...

-Team Snaptek