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N 33° 45.760'   W 112° 00.358' (WGS-84)
State: Arizona
Stashed on: 1/6/01

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Going out to an event this weekend I decided to set up a cache while I was out and about.  This is a simple cache probably excellent for beginning geocache hunters.

You can enter through the gate at (N33 46.282 W111 59.734) this will get you on the road that nears the cache.  There might be other ways in to the area that I don't know about, being unfamiliar with the area this is the one that was introduced to me and thus named the cache.
Once in I parked at these coordinates (N33 45.847 W112 00.753).  From this area it is a simple 0.4 mile hike across open pretty much flat terrain.

The cache is located among the branches of a dead fallen tree clearly visible from above.  It is a small ammo can.  There are quite a lot of prizes to be had in this cache, I was amazed at all the stuff I fit into it.  Some pretty good stuff too.

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