Mr. Tata Head's Adventures

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Mr. Tata being extricated from his cold dark prison.



The first thing he wants to do is get some awesome chow at Arizona's
first In-N-Out Burger.



Mr. Tata smiles big, his first meal of the new millennium.



Mr. Tata posing in a scraggly tree near the Box Canyon Geocache.


Mr. Tata Making sure his new diggs are up to par.




Mr. Tata Original Instruction Card
Started on his journey by: GCB0B

Seems Mr. Tata was extricated from his most recent geocache and is on
the move.

SenorFrisk and Christy picked him up on

Where abouts are currently unknown, we have not received any updates.

Update 8-8-2006
 Mr. Tata was MIA for 5 years.  Having been shanghaied into a unknown fast food freezer
he has finally been released from his prison.

'The Man' has stripped him of his identity! He is now known by:

'I Yam What I Yam'
Travel Bug: TB15CPN

We all know Mr. Tata is a SPUD through and through and not a yam.
Fight the MAN!

(the adventure continues.... follow his current exploits by clicking his link above)