Do not be misinformed though..

AZ State Trust Land DOES NOT allow Geocaching if you are caching, placing or finding, on state trust land, you are breaking the rules.

On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 10:21 AM, ShadowAce <> wrote:
  No, the majority of the cache owners do not stipulate if a permit is required or not.
(keep in mind this is a personal opinion that some do not agree with)
As a cacher and a responsible outdoor enthusiast, it is our responsibility to make sure we do not break the rules of the land managers. As such all caches in these areas ^Should^ have a notice or information, but it is not in any way enforced or required by Groundspeak.

Arizona State Trust Land:

Arizona OHV laws and rules:

BLM Land :

Apache-Sitgreaves : No permits required that I know of
Bulldog Canyon :
Coronado forest :
Coconino Forest:
Kaibab forest :
Prescott forest :
Tonto :

Goldwater Range and the Cabeza Prieta :

 So, without mentioning State Parks or any other private ownership areas, these are the ones I can think of that require some form of permit or contact. I am sure I missed a few, but heck, it is information gained at no time or cost to you. :)

ShadowAce / Dirk

On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 8:53 PM, AJ George <> wrote:
We recently returned to the Phoenix area after leaving in 2005. The only required permit I was aware of was for State Trust Land. However, I recently read a cache log or description and it referenced a Tonto Pass. What is that and where would I get one? I am assuming it is probably another required permit?

I eventually plan on getting out to Bulldog Canyon and getting "Geocache". I know a permit is required for access there. I know it is a limited time-frame permit.

So if I am going to geocache in AZ, what federal/local permits do I need? Do all geocache descriptions state whether a certain permit is required? Or is that a crapshoot?

AJ George II aka G-Squad

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