I have not been out for a long time. But would like to start back up. 
> Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011 15:40:56 -0700
> From: brian@snaptek.com
> To: azgeocaching@listserv.azgeocaching.com
> Subject: [Az-Geocaching] Are people still caching?
> I personally haven't been out in quite a while. The cachers that I run
> into all tell me that they aren't looking for caches anymore, though
> some say they still go to some of the get together events to hang out
> with friends.
> I know for me the joy was sucked out of it when the lawyers for
> geocaching.com contacted us to tell us to take down functionality that
> we had created and they had copied.
> This discussion list has also died. It used to get a couple dozen
> messages a day in its heyday, now we get about a message a month.
> Are people still caching? It seems like it became a dying/dead fad from
> where I sit.
> Brian Cluff
> Team Snaptek
> AzGeocaching.com
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